JR Homes Inc.


                                             UNIFORM RENTAL POLICIES STATEMENT


The following guidelines have been established for renting this living unit so that all applicants will receive the same consideration in determining their eligibility.


Owner follows the California Apartment Association Code for Equal Opportunities and Code of Ethics. Owner/Management will not discriminate against any rental applicant by reason of their color, race, religion, nationality, ancestry, sexual preference, age, marital status, or physical handicap. Or any discrimination prohibited by law.


Each adult must fill out an Application to rent completely. NO BLANKS. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Falsified information on any application shall be cause for rejection. Applications must be signed before they will be processed. The rental application is being used to determine if:


prospective resident(s) can and will pay the rent

prospective resident(s) will not disturb neighbors

Prospective resident(s) will take care of the property.


All income sources, employment, rental references, personal character references and credit rating will be verified for each applicant.


Unless otherwise guaranteed, applicant(s) monthly net income sources (i.e. take home pay, child support, Social Security, etc.) must be three (3) times one month’s rent. All income must be verifiable.


Applicant(s) who do not qualify may possibly qualify with a co-signer.


All applicants and co-signers must provide a copy of a valid driver’s license or valid State ID card.


No pets are allowed except legal guide, signal or service dogs.


Prior to occupancy, each resident shall be required to sign a standard rental agreement and/or lease. A copy will be provided. The deposit is due in full upon signing of standard rental agreement and/or lease.


All proposed applicants must be legally qualified and competent to execute a rental contract.Type your paragraph here.